Project Management Services

Successfully and cooperatively making your projects meet their objectives

Project Management Services

Whether a small project with a short lead time or a complex program – professional project management tailored to the project is essential.

We take over or help you with all the duties related to classic or agile project management, from project initiation to planning, realisation, and completion.

Our core competencies

Resource planning, risk observations, or stakeholder analyses: Our experienced project managers and assistants use industry-standard processes and methods while incorporating their or the customer's own tools and templates. Professional project controlling and reporting as well as seamless project communication and coordination are a given with us. With comprehensive, transparent multiproject management, we ensure that all projects are subject to fastidious quality management.

This structured and transparent approach makes it possible for us to save time and money while simultaneously ensuring our services are of high quality.

A further part of our expertise is in the field of roll-out management. A project is only successful if it catches on with the end user. We therefore frequently also accompany our customers’ projects in the fields of roll-out planning and execution. We assist you from piloting to communication with classic stakeholders and users as well as organising and carrying out training. In the introductory phase, we make ourselves available to users as a competent point of contact.

What sets us apart

  • We use our collective experience and knowledge to work on future projects even more effectively and efficiently
  • We secure and share our acquired knowledge and attain significant synergy effects
  • Internal training measures as well as an uncomplicated coaching system ensure fast take-up and reduce friction losses


Statz-Henrich Brakebusch,
Head of Project Management Services

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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