ITConcepts Identity Management Solution

Out of the Box User Administration - simple, safe, effective

go:Identity makes it easier for you to introduce a central automated identity management system. It allows you to meet internal regulatory requirements and relieve the burden on your IT administrators. Step by step, standardized or customized.

Benefit from the advantages of our go:Identity appliance

Whether organizations are small or large, they often have the same standard needs and requirements. After years of working with various customers and technologies we have developed several common use cases that span customers of any size or industry. Our solution takes our years of experience in deploying identity solutions and delivers standards based identity workflow that provides our customers with rapid mean time to value as the following chart indicates:

  • No intensive planning or analysis
  • Short project duration and implementation time
  • Proven processes and components can be implemented gradually                                     

At a glance

Intelligent out-of-the-box solution
Predefined standard workflows and processes
Professional technology at a fair price
Our base technology has thousands of uses


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  • Workload reductions
  • Administration of user rights
  • Approval processes
  • Compliance
  • Planable Costs
  • Savings


Built on NetIQ Identity Manager and COGNITUM workflow engine,
delivered in appliance or virtual machine (VM) form



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