Software Development at ITConcepts

Building high-quality programs to satisfy special requirement

Our Application Development Team supports your software development with the adaptation of standard software as well as with the creation of custom software. We develop tailored solutions and applications across all industries for you.


Support throughout the development process

Our experts offer professional project management and guide you through every step of the development: from the analysis, design, implementation and testing through to support. Depending on your wishes, we can work using agile development methods or with conventional process models.

Our core competencies

  • Customizing of  standard software
  • Creation of custom applications
  • Customer-oriented mapping of the requirements to tailor-made software architectures

What sets us apart

  • Experts with the necessary methodological tools (modern process models, build and dependency management, version control systems)
  • Versatile technological know-how (J2EE-based software development, server and GUI development, interfaces and services)
  • Focus on flexibility, transparency, scalability and effectiveness
  • Continuous improvement as a key part of our procedures


Sebastian Müller  

Sebastian Müller,

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