Datacenter Solutions

Consultancy in Data Center Environments

Secure, improve efficiencies, and increase the quality of your IT organization

Our customers range from medium to large organizations and span multiple business segments. Our main focus in the DSS Competence Center lies in the processes and products in the areas of data centers and IT Service Management. The analysis of your requirements is always the main objective. We work together to design the life cycle for your solution in line with your requirements.

From concept to operation

Consultants within ITConcepts’ DSS team have considerable experience analyzing, planning and delivering projects including trainings and operation for a wide variety of customer requirements. Our expertise spans from IBM Mainframe to decentralized solutions. In addition to ITIL, our consultants also apply the principles of COBIT and PRINCE2 frameworks to efficiently achieve customer goals.


Our core competencies

  • Event and Service Impact Management

  • IT Service Management and ITIL processes

  • Infrastructure, Application and Transaction Monitoring

  • Job Scheduling, Output Management and Automation

What sets us apart

  • Strong customer orientation

  • Pragmatic approaches

  • Proven best practice

  • Sound mainframe know-how

Automated Data Classification

Structure and Protection to your company's data

The amount of unstructured data in companies is constantly increasing. On the one hand, this raises questions about how the data is handled. “How do I recognize the value of data?”, “What are my crown jewels?”, “Where are they?” On the other hand, the risks in IT security and the need to protect sensitive data are increasing. ITConcepts advises you on how to handle data and, as a partner of dataglobal, presents you with an automated classification solution.

What are your sensitive data?
First, get an overview of your data. Sort your data into sensitive, important, passive and unnecessary information.Such a classification creates transparency about the relevance and confidentiality of data and enables automation.

Tool-based data classification with dg classification
dg classification is a solution for the automated classification of unstructured data. It combines two methods: a new, self-learning classification method and the combination of different classification methods in one process. This enables it to achieve the highest level of performance and precision.

Your advantages: Automated data classification...

  • ... brings a secure structure to your data very quickly.
  • ... pursues a holistic approach to information management.
  • ... brings business, IT and compliance together.
  • ... is the central, controlling element and trigger for many actions.
  • ... creates the basis for structured authorization management.

Flyer Dataglobal

Workload Automation with BMC Control-M

Without IT, no business can be successful today. Without workload automation or job scheduling, business can no longer meet the demanding expectations of its customers.
We advise and support you in every phase:

  • implementation
  • optimization
  • training
  • Operations

BMC Batch Impact Manager

We help you to stay in the agreed framework of CPU and time with your application-centric processing.
With it we secure your Batch Window and the SLA arrangements with your customers.

Performance Management with BMC TrueSight

There are many monitoring solutions out there, but ...
... with BMC TrueSight, you also have the ITSM processes under control.
BMC TrueSight is an availability, performance and capacity management solution that ensures the availability and performance of your IT services. By analyzing and evaluating trends, you can identify critical situations at an early stage and can automatically or manually take countermeasures and before your customers are affected by the disruption.

Your Advantages

  • Savings through automated operating processes

  • Quality improvement through policies and templates in monitoring

  • Reduction of false alarms by dynamic thresholds by up to 90%

  • High-performance and customizable event management

  • Optimization potential of complex IT services can be revealed

  • Overview by reporting the key performance indicators

BMC Discovery

Get a holistic view of your IT systems and how these business services deliver

BMC Discovery gives you the ability to automatically discover datacenter inventory data, configurations, and their relationships and associate those business applications with the IT infrastructure.

Your Advantages

  • With BMC Discovery, you quickly and easily assess the impact of changes, minimizing the associated risks

  • BMC Discovery provides reliable configuration and relationship data so you can quickly restore your service

  • With BMC Discovery you can optimize the hardware and software of your data center and avoid audit penalties

  • With BMC Discovery you ensure compliant and secure processes

  • With BMC Discovery, you can avoid data center resource outages on consolidation, cloud, and virtualization projects